Saturday, June 5, 2010

040610 - sickness of being tension person

i wish that i am sitting in front of my lappy right now, oh, forgot to mention, with connection to the internet also...and of course, with my blog...wish to write all i wanted to write...huh...tired of being tension with other people, but no one feel the same with me...oh...i hate this situation...when this situation is sitting in front of me, those stupid question dancing happily around me...

why me the only person feel the 'tension'ness but you are not?
why me?
why i have to tension with you?
why me?

arghhh...i want to scream, pull out everything what we called tension word...i want to yell at you...i want to say that i'm sick of you!!

i love you but i hate you
i hate you because i do not love you

i think that i am too tension right now...let's go to h***, are you dare?

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